Kyle Hupfer statement on Biden mandate overreach

INDIANA – Kyle Hupfer, who serves as Chairman of the Indiana Republican Party and General Counsel of the Republican National Committee, issued this statement on the Biden Administration’s vaccine mandate orders for private businesses:

Kyle Hupfer

“Joe Biden talked down vaccines during the campaign, promised to shut down the virus, and said vaccine mandates were not a policy he would pursue. Fast forward to today, and now he wants to put hard-working Americans out of work if they refuse to take the vaccine. Make no mistake, I firmly believe the vaccines are safe, effective, and the best way to protect you and your families from COVID-19. However, the federal government has zero authority to force private businesses to impose this mandate on their employees. I applaud the RNC, Governor Holcomb, and other leaders throughout the country who are fighting this unlawful overreach.”

Earlier today, Governor Eric Holcomb directed the Indiana Department of Labor to work with the Attorney General on a lawsuit challenging the mandates. The Republican National Committee is also leading a legal challenge to the Biden Administration.