Clocks “fall back” Sunday

INDIANA – Get ready to “fall back” and get an extra hour of sleep on Sunday, Nov. 7th.

Most people nationwide will have to reset their clocks one hour back. The time change will happen at 2 a.m. on Sunday, Nov. 7. That’s when 2 a.m. local time instantly becomes 1 a.m. and people “gain” an extra hour of time.

Most phones and computers automatically adjust for the time change but don’t forget to change your manual clocks, watches, and microwaves before you go to bed on Saturday. Of course, the practice only changes our daily schedules — not when the sun actually rises or sets.

This will be Indiana’s 15th year of observing daylight saving time. All of Indiana has used daylight saving time since 2006 after former Governor Mitch Daniels pushed for it arguing that the lack of DST confused people outside of the state and deterred economic growth.