Oolitic Town Council issues reminder on trash pickup for residents

Oolitic – During the Oolitic Town Council meeting Monday night, a reminder was issued to town residents on the handling of their trash on pick up days and the handling of leaves.

Council President Tangie Jenkins took to the floor on the announcement to remind residents their expected care for their garbage.

“As we are trying to improve areas and clean up areas, we are going to request that you not put your trash out until Thursday morning unless all trash is contained within a container,” said Jenkins. “I have noticed on my way in, that trash that isn’t contained ends up in the roadways, causing a hazard and attraction of wildlife.”

Oolitic Town Council during Monday Night Meeting

A reminder will be given to all residents on how to best handle their household trash which includes:

  1. All household trash should be placed out Thursday morning unless all bags are contained within a trash container.
  2. All household trash must be in trash bags and are tied tight with no exceptions.
  3. Any loose trash on the ground or in containers will no longer be picked up.
  4. If there is loose trash in the bottom of the container, it must be cleaned out and placed in a trash bag.
  5. All trash containers must be cleaned frequently to avoid the presence of maggots or roaches.

Light brush pickup for residents will be schedule for the second and last Tuesday of the month. Heavy brush will be picked up on the second Wednesday of each month. The crew is smaller with a recent departure and the Council is also asking residents to be patient on the light brush pickup if it is missed on its scheduled day.

President Jenkins also shared an update on how residents should handle fallen leaves on their property, in order to help maintain a clean town but also a way to keep the storm water drains clear of any buildup or potential stoppage.

“We are requesting all leaves be raked to the edge of the yard and not put out in the street. When they are in the street, the rain takes the loose leaves to the storm drain and that does not help our current storm water issues,” said Jenkins.

There has been no announcement on when Town of Oolitic crews will be collecting raked leaves, but once there are specific dates and times, residents will be alerted.

Any questions or concerns can be handled with calling the Town Council at (812) 275-6813.