IN-CLIMATE open for business as first of its kind alliance in Indiana

MONROVIA –  IN-CLIMATE, founded in June 2021, is the first gathering of Indiana organizations representing the food supply chain, fuel, and natural resources industries with the goal to better understand and ultimately guide the conversation around climate in the state.

In this landmark alliance, members have trusted partners that gather to convene collaborative dialog, educational forums, data gathering, and information sharing that leads to better decision-making and informed, balanced climate policy and practices to benefit Indiana’s farmers and all people of our state. Initial founding members include organizations and companies from the following industries: energy trade groups, utilities, agriculture trade groups, fuel and refineries, agriculture chemical and seed, renewable energy, banking, consulting and advisory groups, conservation, and agriculture production. 

IN-CLIMATE will be hosting a members-only Fall Policy Round Table Discussion in early November, after which their full list of members will be announced. The events will include thought-provoking speakers, regional and national policy updates, and networking opportunities.

Current Founders and Stakeholders are welcome to attend; new members who join IN-CLIMATE by November 5 are invited to attend as well. 

Sarah Beth Aubrey

“As we look toward 2022, we want to give Founders and Stakeholders the opportunity to convene and open the dialog around climate-related topics,” said IN-CLIMATE Founder and Facilitator Sarah Beth Aubrey. She goes on to say “IN-CLIMATE is a new statewide platform organization, led by the agriculture sector, providing the forum for cross-industry discussion and collaboration around emerging topics related to climate for Indiana.” If you are interested in learning more about what this Alliance is doing to impact positive Climate change within Indiana, please follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, or visit For media and membership inquiries, please, contact