Halloween can be dangerous for pedestrians study finds

Halloween is a night of trick-or-treaters and candy, where across the country there’s an increase in pedestrians. With parents and children walking the streets, safety is a concern and pedestrians are 50% more likely to die on Halloween. 

According to a study by autoinsurance.org they analyzed 25 years of data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Crash Report Sampling System (CRSS) to determine the safest and most dangerous days for Halloween. Halloween falls on a Sunday this year; how safe are children and pedestrians? A quick look at what they found: 

  • Friday is the deadliest day for Halloween, having 22% more fatal crashes on Halloweens that fall on Friday compared to the average Friday. 
  • The most dangerous days of the week for Halloween generally fall during the week, with Friday (1), Tuesday (2), Sunday (3), and Thursday (4) making up the four most dangerous days for this spooky holiday.
  • Saturday is the safest day for Halloween by far and the only day to show a decrease in fatal crashes compared to the average.
  • Pedestrians have a 50% higher chance of dying on Halloween than on an average day. On an average day, the percentage of accidents involving pedestrians is 15.18%; on Halloween night, that figure increases to 28.48%.
  • Most alarming, 18% of the people who die in fatal crashes on Halloween are children.

You can view the full study here: The Deadliest Days for Halloween