Lawrence County’s Keep Invasives in Check group awarded new uprooter tool

LAWRENCE COUNTY – Last April, Spring Mill State Park held a Weed Wrangle, co-sponsored by the Friends of Spring Mill SP, and Lawrence County KIC (Keep Invasives in Check).

The Weed Wrangle was successful in bringing out 41 volunteers who came out to pull 230 pounds of garlic mustard, an invasive plant that threatens native plants in the park. The event also won the group a new tool to further their efforts.

An Uprooter was awarded to the partners for their successful efforts with the Weed Wrangle and to encourage Lawrence County KIC to continue to work toward eradicating invasive plants in the county. The Uprooter is a large wrench that pulls invasives bushes and trees out by the roots.

The Uprooter is made in America and once assembled, makes pulling bushes out by the roots fairly easy.  It will be available for loan with the invasive tool kit for anyone in Lawrence County to check out, free of charge, and use. Call the Lawrence County Soil and Water District at (812) 279-8117 Ext 3 for questions or to check out the Uprooter tool.

The office also has information on what invasives you might want to watch for to use the tool on. Privet, bush honeysuckle, and autumn olive are all easily identified this time of year and perfect for removal with the Uprooter tool.

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