IDVA launches statewide campaign to raise awareness of Indiana’s Military Family Relief Fund

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs (IDVA) has launched a statewide campaign to raise awareness about the state’s Military Family Relief Fund (MFRF). The fund is designed to assist veterans and their dependent family members experiencing financial hardship with an emergency grant of up to $2,500. The grant can be used to cover the cost of basic needs such as housing, utilities, food, medical services, basic transportation, and other essential household expenses.

Richard Saunders, a veteran who served in the Army, applied for relief from MFRF after losing his job due to covid. Saunders was awarded funds that helped him secure housing and keep up with utility and vehicle payments.

“After losing my job due to the pandemic, I was behind on bills and needed help to make ends meet,” said Richard. “I contacted my county veteran service officer and that’s when he told me about the Military Family Relief Fund. It helped me get back on my feet after a difficult time.”

Legislative changes signed into law this summer removed some eligibility requirements, increasing access to a larger number of Indiana veterans. The changes also freed funds for IDVA to launch the awareness campaign.

Grants are provided on a case-by-case basis and may not exceed a lifetime limit of $2,500. The MFRF is funded through the sale of military specialty license plates.

Veterans who need assistance are encouraged to apply, even if they had been denied previously. Applications and more information about the Indiana Military Family Relief Fund can be found here.

“Veterans sacrificed to serve our country and we have the capability to serve them through the Military Family Relief Fund,” said Dennis Wimer, IDVA executive director. “We can only help though if veterans apply. That is why this campaign is intended to reach veterans in every corner of the state and make them fully aware of how MFRF can assist them and their families during a hardship.”

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