Woman arrested after failing field sobriety tests

BEDFORD – A Springville woman was arrested after Bedford Police officers were called to Revere’s Food & Fuel after a report of a possible intoxicated male and female in a white Dodge Caravan.

The vehicle was found parked at the gas pumps. A male was walking around the vehicle and a female was inside.

Stephanie Hignite

The officer asked 44-year-old Stephanie Hignite to step out of the vehicle. 

Police say Hignite was intoxicated. The officers say Hignite had track marks on her arms.

The male told police he was “screwed up” and Hignite had been driving.

Hignite failed several field sobriety tests. She then admitted to using meth.

Hignite was arrested on charges of operating a vehicle while intoxicated and operating a vehicle with a controlled substance.

Once placed in the patrol car, Hignite began banging her head off of the metal cage partition in the patrol vehicle and yelling. The officer opened the vehicle door attempting to get Hignite to calm down. She then attempted to get out of the vehicle and had to be forcibly shoved back into the vehicle.

After securing a search warrant for a blood draw, Hignite was transported to IU Health Hospital. After the blood draw, Hignite refused to get up out of the hospital bed to be transported to jail and began to grab onto the railings. She had to be forcibly removed from the bed and was escorted to the ground. She was then transported to Lawrence County Jail.

She was then charged with resisting arrest.

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