Mitchell police conduct a welfare check but arrest two men for meth instead

MITCHELL – Two Mitchell men were arrested Saturday when Police officers were called to the area of Mississippi Avenue and South 5th Street at a rooming house to conduct a welfare check on a man.

When officers arrived at the rooming house they checked on the man who said he was just walking back from the festival.

Officers said there were multiple people sitting outside of the rooming house.

Officers then walked into the common area of the rooming house to make sure everyone was okay.

Cody Freeman

They made contact with 31-year-old Cody Freeman who was exiting a room at the top of the stairs. 

Ethan Payton

Police say he appeared to be under the influence of drugs. They also found 31-year-old Ethan Payton sitting in a chair at the back of the room with a glass tray with white crystal on it in his lap and on a dresser a syringe with a baggie with 0.40  grams of crystal meth and a glass container filled with numerous different pills. In Freeman’s pocket, police found multiple baggies with 0.25 grams of crystal meth.

Both were arrested on charges of possession of meth, and unlawful possession of a syringe.

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