Bedford City Council will meet in regular session and hold a public hearing on Monday

BEDFORD – The Bedford City Council will hold a public hearing and meet in a regular session on Monday, Sept. 20th.

The public hearing will begin at 7 p.m. with the regular session to immediately follow.

The council will then meet in an executive session following the regular session.

The meetings will be held at the City Concourse on H Street.

On the agenda:

Public Hearing – Introduction Of Budget For The Year 2022 – Mayor Sam Craig, Marsha Pfeiffer
Prayer –
Pledge Of Allegiance
Call To Order
Proclamation Reading For Childhood Cancer Awareness Month – Mayor Sam Craig
Reading Of August 16th, 2021 Regular Minutes
August 30th, 2021 Special Meeting Minutes
Old Business

  1. Third & Final Passage – Ordinance 18-2021 – Amending Zone Map For Travis Vencel – TWG Development LLC – 2201 M Street – From B3 To R3 – 65 Unit Multi-Family Apartment Complex- Brandon Woodward, John Sullivan

New Business

  1. Compliance With Statement Of Benefits – Lee Cuba – Real Estate Improvements – Construction Of New Building For Expansion Purposes – Resolution 6-2015 – Lee Cuba
  2. Ordinance 19– 2021 – Establishing The Salaries Of Elected Officials For The Year 2021 – Mayor Sam Craig, Marsha Pfeiffer
  3. Ordinance 20– 2021 – Approving Base Salaries For Police, Firefighters, Appointive Officials And Employees And Approval Additional Compensation Of Elected And Appointed Officials For The Year 2021- Marsha Pfeiffer
  4. Ordinance 21-2021 – Adoption Of Budget For Year 2022 – Marsha Pfeiffer
  5. Conflict Of Interests – Denise Henderson
    • Justin Spires
    • Jeremy Nolan
  6. Approve Payment Of $25,000 Donation To Men’s Warming Shelter aka SARAH (Stone City Alliance For Recovery & Hope) – Mayor Sam Craig
  7. Discussion
  8. Adjourn

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