Congratulations to Nora and Sean Borneman, Top 300 Broadcom MASTERS

BLOOMINGTON – As 8th graders, last year at Jackson Creek Middle, Nora and Sean Borneman competed in the 20-21 State Science Fair Competition and placed first and second.

Nora Borneman

They qualified to enter into the National Broadcom MASTERS Science Fair competition.

Sean Borneman

They have now been selected as one of the Top 300 Broadcom MASTERS in the 2021 Broadcom MASTERS, a program of the Society for Science. This honor places them among a select group of 300 MASTERS named from 1,841 entrants throughout the United States. 

The next step in the Broadcom MASTERS takes place on September 14th at noon, when 30 finalists will be announced from the Top 300 MASTERS.

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