Grants help support probation officers salaries

LAWRENCE CO. – The Lawrence County Probation Department has a total of 19 probation officers and only 5 of those officers are paid by the county’s general fund. That is thanks in part to several grants that are applied for by Chief Probation Officer Nedra Brock.

There are several facets of the Lawrence County Probation and Community Corrections programs that are sponsored throughout the county. Many programs are designed to help first-time offenders, other programs help rehabilitate and provide counseling to offenders so they can become productive citizens.

Lawrence County has three problem-solving courts available to offenders which include Domestic Violence, Drug Court, and the newly formed Veterans Problem Solving Court.

Many of the problem-solving courts had promising results over the last several years.

Probation Department Budgets and other court programs for 2022:

  • Problem Solving Court – $136,457
  • Domestic Violence Problem Solving Court – $128,139
  • Drug Problem Solving Court – $25,232
  • Adult Probation – $168,326
  • Probation Department Budget – $412,921
  • Community Corretions – $266,723
  • ADAPT – $134,760

Some probation officers are funded through a couple of line items depending on the type of grant and services provided. The list above is only a small snap shot of the budget for various programs offered by the three courts.

These are only proposals with the final budget adoption held on October 7, 2021, at 6:00 p.m.

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