Four arrested after an undercover drug investigation

OOLITIC – Indiana State Police arrested four people after a drug investigation on Sunday.

Dakota Stinson

According to an undercover trooper with the Indiana State Police Drug Enforcement Section, he had received numerous tips that 23-year-old Emily Banks and 27-year-old Dakota Stinson, both of Oolitic, were transporting large amounts of meth to Lawrence County from Louisville, Kentucky. Stinson was then dealing the drug in and around Lawrence County. 

Emily Banks

The undercover trooper also received numerous screenshots of conversations via text and Facebook Messenger in which Stinson was discussing the sale of meth.  

The trooper obtained a search warrant for a home in the 820 block of Smith Avenue in Oolitic. 

Tramoun Cowan

When officers arrived to search the home they found Stinson in the living room and Banks in a bedroom. Also found at the house were 22-year-old Mackenzie Henderson and 27-year-old Tramoun Cowan, both of Bedford, who were found hiding in the laundry room. 

Mackenzie Henderson

Officers found meth in plain view next to Banks and she was arrested.

Cowan and Henderson displayed secretive and furtive conduct and they attempted to elude officers even after officers made several loud verbal commands.  

Stinson was seen in the room with meth in plain view on a table. Officers seized approximately 3 grams meth, digital scales, and small plastic bags used to sell the drug.  

In Stinson’s bedroom troopers found two pistols and a ledger of meth sales.

Troopers also found pipes and other meth ingestion items laying all over the residence. 

Cowan was arrested on charges of possession of meth and two warrants for failure to appear. 

Banks and Henderson were arrested on a charge of possession of meth.

Stinson was arrested on charges of dealing meth, and possession of meth.

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