Small child found in room with razor blades and two passed out adults under the influence of heroin

BEDFORD – Two people were arrested on Thursday, September 2 when Bedford Police officers were called to a home in the 610 block of H Street around 3:41 p.m. after receiving information about two people under the influence of drugs inside of a home with a 17-month-old.

Christian Downen

Another woman in the home heard the baby screaming in a bedroom. When she attempted to open the bedroom door 20-year-old Christian Downen was lying on the floor blocking the door. 

The woman was able to push the door open and move Downen so she could get inside the room to the child. 

There were razor blades on a table near the child.

Jenna Gunderson

The woman found 20-year-old Jenna Gunderson passed out on the floor and the baby standing on the bed unsupervised.

The woman removed the child from the room and called the police.

Police say Downen and Gunderson were under the influence of heroin. Police also found drug paraphernalia in the room. 

An officer attempted to remove a razor blade from Downen’s pocket and he began resisting.

Both were arrested on a charge of child neglect. Downen also faces charges of resisting arrest and possession of heroin.

The Department of Child Services was also alerted. The child was left in the care of a family member.

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