Oolitic town council considers a PER study

OOLITIC – During their meeting Monday night, Maureen Hayden, Common Wealth Engineering, and Michelle Carrico with Southern Indiana Economic Development Corporation addressed the Town Council about the town’s utility and stormwater issues among other concerns.

The town council tabled any action on the Preliminary Engineering Report or (PER).

Hayden presented the town with two requests. The first was to sign a “Miscellaneous On-Call Task Order”. This order would allow Oolitic Street Department Supervisor Zac Bell to contact Common Wealth in the event that help is needed. Common Wealth would be available to provide an estimate for needed repairs. There would be no charge to the town for the service.

Common Wealth’s second request was to conduct a “Preliminary Engineering Report” (PER). The report is an extensive report to look at the town’s utility needs in the short and long term.

Hayden said many grants and funding options require the town to have a PER report for funding. Hayden added the town can use ARP funds to pay for the report.

Town Councilman Jon Broglin and Bell compiled a list of 65-70 items that need attention in the Town of Oolitic.

Hayden recommended a two utility master plan be completed. The study can range in cost from $35,000 to $65,000. The town can start small and expand the report if they chose. It would take between 120-150 days to complete the report.

Hayden suggested focusing on the town’s water and sewer needs first and then address the stormwater issues.

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