Zoning change for a proposed affordable housing project on agenda for Monday nights Bedford City Council meeting

BEDFORD – The Bedford City Council will meet on Monday night at the City Concourse located at 1402 H Street.

Among the items to be discussed is a zoning change on a proposed $11 million affordable housing project to be built at the former George’s Gateway location. If approved the project will take approximately two years to complete.

In addition, water and sewer rate increases are expected to pass during the meeting.

On the agenda:

Pledge Of Allegiance
Call To Order
Reading Of July 19th, 2021 Regular Minutes

Old Business

  1. Third & Final Passage – Ordinance 15-2021 – Water Rate Increase – Misty Adams
  2. Third & Final Passage – Ordinance 16-2021 – Sewer Rate Increase (Septic Sewer Dumps And Sewer Taps) – Misty Adams
    New Business
  3. Compliance With Statement Of Benefits – DS FAB & TOOL INC – Personal Property – Equipment For The Purpose Of Manufacturing Machinery For The Limestone Industry – Greg Stokes (Stokes & Housel)
  4. Request Consideration Of Donation Increase To White River Humane Society – Buddy Hendricks, Debbie Stailey
  5. Request Consideration Of Donation To Mens’ Warming Shelter – Charles Edwards, Linda Smith
  6. Request Consideration Of Donation To IU Health Foundation – Shance Sizemore, Shawna Girgis
  7. Ordinance 18-2021 – Amending Zone Map For Travis Vencel – TWG Development LLC – 2201 M Street – From B3 To R3 – 65 Unit Multi-Family Apartment Complex – Brandon Woodward, John Sullivan
  8. Discussion
  9. Adjourn