Bedford Historic Review Board Approves Sign Requests

(BEDFORD) – The Bedford Historic Review Board met Monday afternoon to approve the request of Brent Blackwell of Gold Financial Services Inc. to approve the certificate of appropriateness for a new sign.

New sign from Gold Financial Services

The new sign will be placed on the front of the business in place of the old sign.

A new sign will be placed at Gold Financial Services where PMI Mortgage is located.

During last month’s meeting the board approved Caleb Thorne’s request for a new sign located at 1536 I Street, formerly known as Group One. Caleb will be constructing a cedar wall and put up a 48 square foot sign with lighting.

The sign will be installed in front of the business. In addition, he will be covering up some older windows and a blank area above the windows and door with cedar wood. The current front windows will be the same size but no grids because the clear window was more appealing.

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